Guitar and Vocal Coaching

I'm a singer and guitarist who's been playing and performing for over twenty years. My coaching sessions involved imparting all that I’ve learnt to my students from the point of view of a performer and towards a goal of grooming great performers.  

I cater content to the specific learning objectives of my students and depending on their goals, I can provide guidance on topics such as the following and more:  

- learning chords 
- strumming/plucking to your favourite songs 
- understanding chord diagrams and guitar tabs 

If the student is interested in advanced topics, some other areas that may be of interest could be:  

- basic music theory  
- improvisation and soloing techniques - hammer-ons/pull-offs, slides, pitch bends etc. 

I also provide aid in more specialised topics such as singing, songwriting or playing in a band for example. Let me know your interests and we can build the lesson plan together.  

Group Workshops at TravelClef

As assistant chief instructor at TravelClef Music School, Shaun has over two years of experience leading ukulele team-building sessions for a host of corporate clients including WestPac bank, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, Sony and OCBC. He also leads the guitar arm in their public music workshops.